Episode Spring/Summer 2019 Collection

Fashion Vacation     

This Spring and Summer, you are invited to board the Episode yacht to cruise along beautiful islands and coastal cities for a sailing holiday of freedom and indulgence. Inspired by the breezy cruise vacation, the new 2019 Spring/Summer collection revolves around the modern minimalist style, incorporated with oceanic hues and geometric patterns and presented with premium fabrics and exceptional cuttings. Striking a balance between elegance and stylish trends, this collection upgrades the wardrobe of urban ladies with trendy essentials that are classic and versatile.   Setting sail under sunny blue skies, the cruising voyage indulges your senses with a feast of serene oceanic scenes and cool sea breezes. The white houses with blue rooftops in Santorini, the sea cave on the coast of Capri, patchworks of green fields on outer islands and romantic sunsets reflecting off the Caribbean sea have inspired the colour palette for the season – various shades of oceanic blue, forest green and peachy coral.

Prime Tweed   

Episode has boasted an honour in using high quality materials for its creations. Sourced all across Europe and Japan, a premium range of exquisite fabrics are introduced this season, presented in various textures and layering designs. Baby blue and coral pink tweed suits are embellished with sparkly horizontal stripes that glitters like sun reflections on sea waves. On the contrary, the sky blue V-neck sleeveless fitted tweed dress, featuring slanting stripes on the bodice, is where the ocean and the sky merges for a calming scenery. Once again, this season’s premium tweed fabrics are supplied by French fabric maker Jules Tournier & Fils, who is the same tweed supplier of many luxury fashion brands, offering an extra opulent touch with unique texture.

Minimal Chic   

This season is all about creating modern style statements with sleek cuttings and simple design to showcase the unique poise and classy taste of modern ladies. The theme of maritime voyage sparks design concept for cozy resort wear in loose fit or straight cutting. Reviving the brand image with a more youthful and subtle approach, excessive ornaments are dismissed while simple feminine details, such as ruffles, bow, tie and metallic elements, are added instead. All in all is to enhance the practicality and versatility of the items, satisfying the fashion needs of metropolitan women. Apart from the essential tops, jackets and dresses, this season also unveils a stylish range of shirtdress, jumpsuit and shorts for your daily wardrobe.