Episode Spring/Sumer 2020 Collection

Moroccan Wanderlust     

Having a pristine weather, North African country Morocco is probably one of the countries with various natural landscape, be it the hot desert, blue coastline or snowy mountains. Specially located next to the continent of Europe and opposite to Strait of Gibraltar, Morocco is significantly influenced by European culture, giving her a unique exotic Arabian aesthetic. Thus, travelers viewed her as serene oasis, while artists, writers and screenwriters came to seek inspirations. This Spring/Summer, EPISODE will take you to this stunning place for an adventurous vacation. Walk in the world of the 21st century contemporary fashion by exploring Morocco’s plentiful sceneries and getting to know Morocco’s fashion legends.   

Morocco has made prominent influence to the evolution of modern women’s fashion history. In the 1930s, the leading actress Marie Dietrich in the famous American movie Morocco made a huge breakthrough by presenting a boyish look of wearing a tailcoat. The concept of women wearing pants was completely controversial at the time, as wearing shorter dress was still groundbreaking to most ladies several years after the invention of Coco Chanel’s tweed dress suit. Women pantsuit only became acceptable when, 30 years after, fashion legend and Morocco’s lover Yves Saint-Laurent, created the mythical le smoking suit that starting the new wave of feminism. Saint-Laurent treated Morocco as his second home. Be sure to visit Jardin Majorelle and his memorial museum in Marrakech to learn how his masterpieces empower women. His famous motto “Fashion fade, style is eternal”, coincided EPISODE’s philosophy of establishing women’s confidence by creating simple yet classic designs. This Spring/Summer, we pay tribute to the legends by using diverse tweeds, blazers and knits in suiting, integrating red, white, brown, taupe, navy and sage colours and motifs inspired by Morocco’s nature.


Red sandstones in Marrakesh reflecting rich red hues under the bright sun; is beautifully translated into the main tone of early spring’s resort capsule. Using luxurious tweed fabrics from France and Italy, including Jules Tournier & Fils, a prestigious French fabrics manufacturer for opulent brands, putting on a scarlet red tweed dress suit, blazer and pants allows you to embrace New Year with a vibrant mood. Their elegant quality is timeless. The valley to the south of Marrakesh is flooded by red poppies. Symbolizing elegance and nobility, the charming poppy print blouse and dress are your graceful option to welcome the year of 2020.

The renovation of Rick’s Café closely resembled movie scenes in legendary movie Casablanca. While enjoying the local delicacy and listening to As Time Goes By, visitors can also appreciate photos of the timeless beauty of the leading actress Ingrid Bergman. The secret lies on beliefs in Nordic natural minimalism, show in her motto “Be yourself, the world worships the original”, her barely-there makeup and fashion style. Her influential costumes in the movie, like the simple yet contemporary classic white suit-dress and tweed suit with white shirt, accented her profound personal qualities. The name Casablanca literally means white house. Its distinctive architectural design with series of arches, when transforms into structural silhouette in fashion design conveys a strong sense of modernity. The different shades of white are the key colour in this Spring/Summer collection. For this season, EPISODE dedicated different cuts in devising new classic suits, such as a white linen boyfriend cut double-breast blazer. Polish off the soft yet strong look with silky shirt and a pair of wide leg trousers. Another key trending in this season is sleeveless blazer. Capture a stylish heroic aesthetic by wearing a taupe linen sleeveless blazer with waist belt and pants. For the first time, spandex silk with elasticity is applied in making shirts. It increases comfort without losing the lavishness of silk, this refined blouse is a chic take on a timelsss essential.

The palette of Spring consists of different shades of camel and taupe, inspired by layering of sand dunes under bright sunshine. Timeless stripes in camel, taupe, black and navy colours give a perfect leisure sensibility. Be more fashionable to pair up matching shirts and wide pants. Other uniquely designed motifs included Moroccan white jasmine, palm leaf and abstract animal prints. Besides tops, stripes and characteristic motifs can also be seen on shirtdress, made by lightweight materials that feels particularly refreshing. The otherwise plain shirts and dress are spiced up by adding simple ruffles, pleats, drapes, puff sleeves and more to enhance volume and fluidity. For knitwear, flare hem design is applied to refine a streamlined silhouette. We recommend matching a pleated peplum vest with a pencil skirt with slit of the same colour to adorn your feminine hourglass. For a romantic look, try out the smoke blue sleeveless knit dress and cardigan set. The small circle graphic on the set dances and waves as vigorously as the choppy waves, giving the knit dress set a classy and feminine look effortlessly.

Praised as “Ocean in the desert”, the buildings of Chefchaouen are painted in all shades of blue. Representing the colour of the sky and ocean, the natural blue becomes the main hue of summer, encouraging you to beat the heat in the hot weather. You can opt for a sky blue ombre chiffon that harmoniously matches with a pleated skirt of the same colour tone. Alternatively, you can choose coral pink, if you favour the colour of dawn and dusk. Prefer pattern style? The flowy ivory watercolour floral chiffon dress, with V-neck overlap can surely showcase your captivating femininity. For a more exotic look, put on an abstract mosaic printed chiffon shirtdress as a coat, matches with a pair of mosaic printed silk wide pants that corresponds to ‘zellige’ mosaic tilework of Morocco’s buildings. Another ocean-inspired motif is seagull printed top or dress, symbolising the pursue of freedom, just like the seagull in “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” who is seized by its passion for life and flight.

Morocco is an inspirational portrayal of spiritual haven. EPISODE hopes to give you confidence in undertaking challenges and embracing opportunities ahead of 2020 by bringing in the new classic minimalism.