Episode Fall/Winter 2019 Collection

Charting Desert Landscape and Contemporary Art      

In an unexpected convergence of desert and contemporary art, the Episode Fall/Winter 2019 Collection dances between the desert landscape and the graphic brushstroke of modern art. The seasonal leitmotif and Episode’s signature classy femininity are realised in exquistie fabrics, as shades of nature and artistic elements spring to life in ingenuous yet opulent styles. Episode is synonymous with premium materials driven by exacting quality control, presenting coveted collections crafted in high-quality fabrics. For Fall/Winter, the brand brings this vision to the fore with an exhaustive attention to details. The brand’s unwavering quest for the best-in-class fabrics extends across Europe and Japan, bring home wool fabric made by Jules Tournier & Fils, a prestigious century-old French fabric manufacture. Its premium tweed fabric, sought after by the most celebrated brands in Europe, is now reworked by Episode’s savoir-faire into inspirational pieces.   

Earth Art    

The desert landscape-inspired Fall 2019 Collection reinterprets mile after mile the undulating sand dunes through layers of clean and soft silhouette in an earthy palette refreshed with trendy accents of mint and brick red. This season captures the changing flow of nature from a modern lens under the influence of The Story of Land Art, a documentary in whichinnovative artists use natural landscape as an art form that overturns our perception of contemporary art, with a nod to Earth Art.

Sophisticated modernity is channelled throughout the collection with refined silhouette and structural cuts. Soft fabrics like silk and lace flatter the form while sturdy cashmere, double knit wool and woollen fabric create tidy and uniform lines, allowing a subtle balance between masculinity and femininity. The rich colour story brings together a broad spectrum of beige, grey charcoal, grey, grey-brown, mustard, deep blue and plum; spiced up by pink, light blue, brick red, burgundy and mint. Motifs and patterns – best printed pattern, checks and camouflage – add an extra touch to the collection. The otherwise plain black shirt is peppered with charcoal grey all-over camo patterns to underline a restrained and refined colourway. The bow detail at the neck touches up the design.

Art Space 

This winter, Episode translates the perfect balance of hues and composition in modern art into a collection marked by an air of artistic expressiveness. The strong, constructed shoulder of coats hangs down and melts into draping pleats; waist-flattering dress clings to the contours of the body and its elegant sway. The complementary mix of materials is a unique balance of hard and soft. Velvet, mohair and angora wool are elegant and soft to the touch; while sturdy cashmere, alpaca, tartan wool, herringbone trace a handsome sartorial silhouette. The on-trend mohair applies on sweater which embellished with geometric motifs in earthy tones, to be matched with grey-apricot trousers to exert an intellectual and chic sensibility.

Warm earthy tones are in harmonious dialogue with accents like grey-brown, mint, beige, black, hazelnut, brown, mustard and brick red. Graphics and patterns take on an artistic edge: think tonal geometric motifs on wool and mohair tops, and monochrome waves on dresses.